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Albatross Aviary is a local non-profit bird rescue, dedicated to conservation and education as we address the crisis of unwanted birds and to the life long care and protection of all birds in our care. Building off the framework of the five domains of care for captive animals, Albatross Aviary focuses on the social rehabilitation of abused, abandoned, neglected, or otherwise unwanted companion birds. We offer life-long sanctuary care for the birds in our care and for the safety of the birds do not adopt out directly to the public. Albatross Aviary is an organization focused around the protection of all birds and aims to educate everyone on the important role birds play in our world and on the care and conservation of them.
Albatross Aviary, not unlike most rescues, has faced a myriad of struggles from the start of the pandemic that we have not seen much relief from. In spite of all that we have faced, we are continuing to build in the community as we settle into our new home in Grand Rapids. We need your help in these particularly vulnerable times so that we can continue to increase our effectiveness in care and our conservation efforts.

923-925 Bridge St NW GR, MI

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Albatross Aviary is launching a spring can drive to raise funds to pay the utilities in our new facility! If the Michigan winter has left you with more depositable empties than you know what to do with, bag ‘em up and bring them down to the aviary at

925 Bridge St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504 

Weekdays between 1-5 pm

If you decide to make the returns yourself but would still like to donate toward our cause, mail those slips to us at the same address above. You will feel good supporting a better life for the birds AND checking off a hassle of a task on your spring cleaning list. 

**Please make sure all depositables are empty and bagged up before dropping them at the aviary. To make arrangements for a bulk donation, contact Carmen at 616.635.7715.

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Wondering how you can support the birds of Albatross Aviary? There are so many ways! We are always in need of dedicated volunteers who can spend a few hours each week cleaning or doing manual labor or interacting with the birds. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form on our website and we’ll be in touch to set up a meeting. 


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With almost three times as much space as we previously had, Albatross Aviary is very excited to expand and build our free flight and limited flight habitats, but the 2 aviary spaces need a lot of work before we can introduce the birds into their new habitats. We are actively looking for volunteers that would be willing to donate their skills and time in service to a great cause.   With everything from light construction to electrical work, we are looking for an array of skills in our community to help us create the environment that these birds deserve and need.  

As Albatross Aviary establishes it self in the community we are looking to build a team of dedicated volunteers that value and understand our rescue and conservation mission. 

If you are interested in volunteering please click above to fill out our volunteer form for any questions you may have about volunteering please contact us


 If you are interested in learning more about who we are and what we do please check out more at our about page 

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