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​​Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer today!  just fill this out and we will email you our volunteer application 

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Have you ever dreamed of having or befriending a bird, but your life doesn’t allow the time or funds necessary to care for one of your own? We’re here to make that dream come true! Come on down and sign up for our volunteer membership program and start interacting with your new bird friends today! You can personally make a difference in the lives of the birds at Albatross Aviary by volunteering your time. No experience necessary! Sign up below for a tour and training sessions to learn about the needs of our birds and the techniques we’ve developed to handle and care for them. As each bird has their own individual needs for attention, it often becomes a tall order for Garien alone to get our daily chores done. There are a lot of opportunities and a lot that always needs to be done and our volunteers make it possible. ​



Volunteer opportunities are flexible and work with your availability, however a minimum of one 2-hr shift per week is required, except for special events and maintenance volunteers.

*Please note that due to the nature of our operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, we may have to limit the number of accepted new volunteers. 

Volunteer Duties

Duties are tailored to the abilities of our volunteers, and include:

  • making and distributing toys

  • providing spray showers

  • engaging and socializing

  • laundering and folding towels

  • maintaining grounds

  • cleaning cages, changing papers

  • washing bowls and food dishes

  • measuring and serving food

  • preparing fresh food

  • scraping, sweeping and mopping floors

other aviary opprotunities.

  • Avian Care and Socialization specialist:
    Duties include personal development work   with individual birds on a regularly routine     basis, feeding the birds, and helping           visitors socialize with the birds.

  • Sanctuary Maintenance:
    Help with repairs, yard work and   miscellaneous tasks.

  • Research and Development.
    keeping logs and continuing my work with   creating and developing the best habitats   along with diets and general well being.  

  • Special Events:
    Volunteers help with marketing and setting up fundraising events, summer programs and community engagement events as well as working the events.

interested in what we are doing?

Want to Volunteer?

fill out our volunteer contact request form right here to begin.

​​Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer today!  just fill this out and we will email you our volunteer application 


Thanks for submitting!


We do not allow public adoptions here at Albatross Aviary, but we do have adoption and foster programs in place for our dedicated volunteers. We understand that some birds raised with people do better when they get the attention that only one-on-one interaction and companionship can provide, so after 6 consecutive months of consistent and reliable volunteering, our volunteers become eligible to adopt or become a foster parent. Because our main criteria for adoption/fostering is the bird choosing their person (and not the other way around!) we cannot guarantee the opportunity will present itself immediately after 6 months, if at all.

For more information on getting involved in becoming a volunteer  

Albatross Aviary's adoption policy 

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